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ReUSE Revamp aligns with multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), actively contributing to the global agenda.

SDG 12

Responsible Consumption and Production

ReUSE Revamp aligns seamlessly with UN SDG Goal 12 by promoting responsible consumption and production. Through our initiatives, we actively reduce e-waste, extending the lifespan of laptops and minimizing their environmental impact. By refurbishing and leasing laptops (early in 2025), we contribute to a circular economy, fostering a sustainable approach to technology.

SDG 11

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Our efforts resonate with SDG Goal 11 as we contribute to the creation of sustainable and resilient communities. By establishing regional repair and training centers, starting in Mauritius, we aim to empower local communities and bridge the digital divide. This initiative not only promotes access to technology but also ensures that these advancements are made in an environmentally conscious manner.


Affordable and Clean Energy ReUSE

Revamp directly supports SDG Goal 7 by providing affordable and clean energy solutions. Through our kitstart laptop leasing program, we enable individuals, NGOs, SMEs, and educational institutions to access technology sustainably. This contributes to a reduction in energy consumption and fosters a more energy-efficient digital landscape.


Quality Education

Our commitment extends to SDG Goal 4 by focusing on quality education. Through pilot training programs, we empower educators, learners, and SMEs to navigate the digital realm responsibly. By providing hands-on training sessions, we contribute to the development of digital skills, ensuring that access to technology is accompanied by the knowledge needed to utilize it effectively.

ReUSE Revamp stands as a testament to the interconnectedness of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, demonstrating how a circular economy approach to technology can drive positive change across multiple dimensions of sustainable development.

SDG 13

Climate Action

ReUSE Revamp tackles climate change by reducing electronic waste and promoting sustainable practices. Through circular economy principles, it significantly mitigates carbon emissions, contributing to SDG 13’s mission to combat climate change.

SDG 14

Life Below Water

The initiative plays a crucial role in preserving marine life. By reducing e-waste and advocating for responsible disposal, ReUSE Revamp prevents harmful electronic components from polluting water bodies, aligning with SDG 14’s aim to protect marine ecosystems.

SDG 15

Life on Land

ReUSE Revamp contributes to the conservation of terrestrial ecosystems. By extending the life of electronics, it minimizes resource extraction and landfill contributions, supporting SDG 15’s goal to sustainably manage forests and combat desertification.

SDG 17

Partnerships for the Goals

In fostering collaborations with communities, NGOs, and businesses, ReUSE Revamp embodies the spirit of SDG 17. These partnerships amplify the initiative’s impact, creating a network dedicated to sustainable practices and responsible consumption.