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ReUse Revamp (Mauritius) is excited to announce the launch of the F1 in Schools program in 2025.

(Seats are Limited)

Closing date: 31st August 2024

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What is F1 in Schools?

F1 in Schools is a global educational program that challenges students to design, analyze, manufacture, test, and race miniature, compressed-air powered Formula 1 cars. It aims to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning in an exciting and engaging way. Founded in 1999, the program has reached millions of students worldwide, fostering innovation and a passion for engineering and technology.

ReUSE Revamp, a social enterprise based in Mauritius, is dedicated to sustainability, the circular economy, and digital empowerment. By actively reducing e-waste, particularly laptops, we implement and promote low-carbon footprint solutions. Our initiatives empower communities through practical training workshops and raise awareness about environmental issues. Beyond bridging the digital divide, we aim to address the AI divide, ensuring that everyone has access to advanced technologies. Through our efforts, we make technology and STEM programs more affordable and enjoyable, creating valuable opportunities for communities. ReUSE Revamp is committed to fostering innovation and education.

In collaboration with the U.S. Embassy, ReUSE Revamp will be launching the F1 in Schools program at the American Maker Space situated at the Rajiv Gandhi Science Center in Bell Village. This initiative underscores our commitment to fostering innovation and education.

Why Participate in F1 in Schools?

Benefits for Students

Participating in F1 in Schools provides numerous benefits:

  • Skill Development: Students enhance their skills in areas such as CAD/CAM software, project management, and marketing.
  • Real-World Applications: The program bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, preparing students for future careers.
  • Career Exposure: Participants gain insights into various career opportunities within the fields of engineering, technology, and beyond.

Benefits for Schools

Schools also gain from participating in F1 in Schools:

  • Enhanced Curriculum: The program supplements existing curricula with hands-on, project-based learning.
  • Reputation for Innovation: Schools become recognized for promoting innovative and practical STEM education.

Student Engagement: F1 in Schools boosts student motivation and academic achievement by offering a fun and competitive learning environment.

Program Structure

Team Composition

Teams consist of 3-6 students, each assuming specific roles such as Team Manager, Design Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, and Marketing Manager. This structure encourages teamwork and ensures that all aspects of the project are covered.

The Competition Process

The competition is divided into several stages:

  • Regional Competitions: Teams compete locally to qualify for national events.
  • National Competitions: Successful regional teams advance to compete at the national level with the opportunity to qualify for the world final.
  • World Finals: The best teams from around the world compete in the world finals, showcasing their skills on a global stage.

Design and Engineering

Participants learn about aerodynamics, physics, and engineering principles to design their miniature F1 cars. Using advanced tools and software, they create and test their designs to optimize performance.

 2025 Programme Details

Registration Information

  • Eligibility Criteria: Students aged 9-19 are eligible to participate. Teams must pre-register either as private teams independent of any school or through a school or educational institution.
  • How to Register:
    • Complete the online pre-registration form with team and school details.
    • Pay the pre-registration fee.
    • Receive confirmation and access to program resources.
  • Important Dates and Deadlines: 
    • Registration opens: 25th June 2024
    • Registration closes:  31st August 2024
    • Regional competitions:  2025 (Date will be communicated soon).
    • National finals:  2025 (Date will be communicated soon).
    • World finals: 2025 (Date will be communicated soon).

Participation Fees

  • Cost Breakdown: The pre-registration fee includes access to educational resources. 
  • What is Included: Teams receive a starter kit, access to F1 in Schools resources, and support from the program’s network of mentors and partners.

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • How to Seek Sponsorship: Teams are encouraged to seek sponsorship from local businesses and organizations. Guidance on creating sponsorship proposals is available.
  • Benefits of Sponsorship: Sponsors gain exposure (national and international) and the opportunity to support STEM education, fostering community engagement and brand recognition.

“I am also excited to learn that ReUse Revamp is planning to implement F1 in Schools in Mauritius. This will give a new dimension to STEM education in Mauritius. We are excited about the opportunities for the American Maker Space and the Rajiv Gandhi Science Center to collaborate on this program and support the learning adventure of the students.”

Chief Guest, H.E. Henry V Jardine, U.S. Ambassador to Mauritius and Seychelles

Official Message

Mrs. Frédérique Trouvé-Roger, Head of International Relations & Social Responsibility,
F1 in Schools Ltd President, F1 in Schools France

How to Get Started

Initial Steps

  • Forming a Team: Gather a group of 3-6 students and assign roles based on individual strengths and interests.
  • Getting Support from Your School: Seek approval and support from your parents, school administration and teachers to participate in the program.

Registration Link

Click here to pre-register for the 2025 F1 in Schools program.

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