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Unlocking a Sustainable Future: Reuse Revamp

Welcome to Reuse Revamp, a pioneering initiative at the forefront of the circular economy, committed to propelling a new era of sustainability by reducing electronic waste and revitalizing laptops. Our initiative celebrated its successful launch on September 28th, 2023.

In an era where electronic waste looms as a global menace, Reuse Revamp emerges as a beacon of hope. Our mission, while straightforward, carries profound implications – we are committed to reducing e-waste by extending the life of laptops through ingenious methods. Rooted in the principles of the circular economy, we aspire to craft a world that is not only sustainable but also environmentally conscious.

A Part of AfriEDX

Reuse Revamp is a compelling initiative under the umbrella of AfriEDX, a multi-award-winning EduTech powerhouse that harnesses the potential of emerging technologies. AfriEDX is synonymous with continuous training and the provision of tools for more contextualized teaching materials, fostering dynamic and engaged learning.

At AfriEDX, we embark on a relentless quest for innovative technologies capable of making a substantial impact on the African community. We master these technologies and leverage them to advance the community as a whole. In essence, AfriEDX demystifies technology, recognizing that grasping its full potential isn’t always straightforward for non-technical individuals or decision-makers. Our initiative paves the way for the emergence of new careers, businesses, and educational paradigms.

Shaping a Sustainable Future – CNN Feature (June, 2023)

We are thrilled to share a momentous achievement: Reuse Revamp, our flagship program at AfriEDX, earned the spotlight on CNN Inside Africa in June 2023. This recognition underscores the profound impact of our initiative in bridging the digital divide and nurturing a sustainable future for Africa. The feature underscores the significance of our accessible platform for donating and exchanging used electronics, highlighting how we are combating electronic waste while championing digital inclusion. We are deeply honored by this global recognition and invigorated by the boundless opportunities it ushers in to further our mission of sculpting a sustainable future for Africa through the transformative power of AI.

Join us on this remarkable journey, as together, we breathe new life into old technology, reduce e-waste, and empower the next generation through education. Reuse Revamp – extending the compute lifespan, one laptop at a time.


With the increasing impact of climate change, schools are often interrupted, and the cost of deploying e-learning is very high. Replacement laptops are expensive, and not all families can afford more than one device, especially those with multiple children studying simultaneously. Additionally, online classes need to be managed securely to ensure the safety of students.


Our goal is to collect old laptops, refurbish them, and make them affordable to those who need them the most. We provide hands-on training and education to individuals, schools, and other organizations to promote the use of these refurbished devices. We also partner with small and medium enterprises that use eco-friendly materials to create laptop bags and accessories, providing new revenue streams for these businesses and supporting the local economy.

Our mission

We set forth on a mission to uncover the potential of refurbished laptops in accelerating e-learning, all the while championing an eco-friendly operating system. By breathing new life into older laptops, we pave the way for reduced e-waste and a cost-effective solution for educational institutions, families, and individuals who face the challenge of frequent device replacements.

“Reuse Revamp's mission to extend the life of laptops and reduce e-waste is both visionary and impactful. Their innovative approach is not only transforming technology but also empowering communities through sustainable education solutions.”

Mckevin AyabaSetup A Startup / Africa Startup Ecosystem Builders Summit and Awards (ASEB)

Our Vision

Empowering a sustainable future, ReUSE Revamp envisions a world where discarded technology is transformed into valuable tools for learning. Through innovation and commitment, we bridge the digital divide, reducing e-waste and fostering a more inclusive, environmentally-conscious society.