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Welcome to ReUSE Revamp, where our commitment to sustainability and empowerment drives every initiative. Founded by Francois Mark, ReUSE Revamp is more than a movement; it’s a revolution against e-waste. Francois, fueled by a passion for environmental responsibility, embarked on a mission to reshape our approach to electronic consumption.

Our Journey

In September 2023, ReUSE Revamp was launched, marking the beginning of a transformative journey. The Kitstart Roadshow in December 2023 kickstarted our efforts, collecting over 100 laptops. This year, 2024, is dedicated to widespread awareness campaigns and pioneering pilot training programs.

The Mission

At ReUSE Revamp, our mission is intricately woven into the fabric of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We actively contribute to Goal 12 by promoting responsible consumption and production. By reusing and upcycling laptops, we reduce e-waste and directly impact Goal 11, creating sustainable cities and communities.

Driving Impact

Our initiatives resonate with Goal 7, ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy. Through the Kitstart Laptop Leasing Program scheduled for 2025, we are set to make sustainable digital opportunities accessible to all, aligning with Goal 4 on quality education.

Global Scale

ReUSE Revamp’s vision extends beyond borders. In 2025 and beyond, we plan to scale our impact across the African region, aligning with Goal 13 on climate action, Goal 14 on life below water, and Goal 15 on life on land. Additionally, our commitment to partnerships and collaborations reflects our dedication to Goal 17 on partnerships for the goals.

Francois Mark – Catalyst for Change

Founded by Francois Mark, ReUSE Revamp is a testament to his dedication and vision. As a passionate advocate for sustainability, Francois brings a wealth of experience to the table. His background in technology and multimedia since the early 90s, coupled with a drive for positive change, fuels our mission.

Why ReUSE Revamp

ReUSE Revamp is not just about reducing e-waste; it’s about empowering communities. Through innovative solutions, like the Kitstart Laptop Leasing Program, we aim to bridge the digital divide sustainably. Join us on this journey towards a circular economy, where environmental responsibility meets empowerment.

SDG Contributions

Our initiatives actively contribute to several UN Sustainable Development Goals. From responsible consumption (Goal 12) to sustainable communities (Goal 11), affordable energy (Goal 7), quality education (Goal 4), climate action (Goal 13), life below water (Goal 14), life on land (Goal 15), and fostering partnerships (Goal 17), ReUSE Revamp is at the forefront of the global sustainability agenda.

Explore how ReUSE Revamp is making a tangible difference — not just in reducing e-waste, but in reshaping the future. Join us in creating a world where sustainability and empowerment go hand in hand.