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François MARK
Founder / CEO

Feroz Gauzee

Geraldine Secondis
PR  /  Communication

Georgina Ragaven
Women Empowerment

Danielle Zelin
NatGeo & SDG Educator

Dr Mylene Lecoq-Bamboche
Lecturer in Psychology
University of Mauritius

Charon Potié
Certified trainer

Shakeel Panchoo
Ex-Communication Manager
Ministry of Environment & Sustainable Development.

Véronique Couttee
Founder & Director Geospatial Equity Tech & AfriTech Fellowship

Christopher Legrand
IT Expert


Dr Narainsamy Pavaday
Technology / Repair Partner

Bwalya Mwali
African Community Development Partner

Sustainable Development & Project Management
Montréal, Qc. Canada

Technology partners:

AfriEDX is an award-winning EduTech company driving the use of emerging technologies in Africa. By offering continuous training, tools, and contextualized teaching materials, the initiative aims to demystify technology and contribute to the development of new careers, businesses, and education models. Through presentations, conferences, exhibitions, and seeking partnerships, AfriEDX actively engages with the African community. The initiative prioritizes building lasting relationships both online and through personal contact to ensure effective support and application of technology for education and community progress. For more information, please visit

Interactive Graphics Studios LTD, also known as IGFX, is a technology company headquartered in Mauritius. As a distinguished Google Cloud Partner, our primary focus lies in Google Workspace and Google Chrome OS solutions.

Creative partner:

Casting World Ltd…
… is an artistic company creating realistic décors.

Our creations are hand-made, customized and in 3D, which allow us to obtain realistic finish on various products such as corals, shells,3D concepts, furnitures and other customized features.

We are a multi-skilled artist’s team creating a wide range of products starting from small items to giant’s themes décor.

For more information, please visit