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Upcycle, ReUse and Empower

ReUSE Revamp is a social enterprise based in Mauritius committed to sustainability, the circular economy, and digital empowerment. By actively reducing e-waste, especially laptops, we implement and promote low-carbon footprint solutions. Our initiatives empower communities through practical training workshops and raise awareness about environmental issues. Our focus on laptops goes beyond bridging the digital divide; we aim to address the AI divide, ensuring that everyone has access to advanced technologies. We strive to make technology and STEM programs more affordable and fun, creating opportunities for communities.

ReUse Revamp (Mauritius) is excited to announce the launch of the F1 in Schools program in 2025.

Registration closing date: 31st August 2024
Seats are Limited

Carbon Free Explained

Google aim to be carbon free by 2030. To find out more, visit:

Decoding the Carbon Footprint of Laptops: Navigating the Environmental Impact

Unveiling the Environmental Impact
In a world where over 272 million new laptops are manufactured annually, the IT industry stands as a significant contributor to greenhouse gas pollution. Surprisingly, its carbon footprint equals that of the entire airline industry, accounting for 2% of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. As internet usage continues to rise, propelled by mobiles and tablets, the environmental repercussions of IT are poised to escalate.

Understanding Carbon Footprint
Carbon footprint, encompassing total greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide CO2 and methane CH4), serves as a critical metric for evaluating the impact of specific activities.

The Journey of a Laptop’s CO2 Emissions
The average estimated carbon footprint of a laptop hovers around 422.5 kgs, encapsulating emissions during production, transportation, and the first four years of use. It’s crucial to note the variability in CO2 emissions among manufacturers, laptop sizes, and usage frequency,

OUR Roadmap

At ReUSE Revamp, we embark on a transformative journey to address the environmental challenge posed by laptops. Our roadmap outlines strategic initiatives to reduce e-waste, promote sustainability, and empower communities across the African region.

Phase 1:

Launching ReUSE Revamp Initiative

In September 2023, we kickstart our mission with the official launch of the ReUSE Revamp initiative. This marks the beginning of our commitment to the Circular Economy, actively reducing e-waste, and laying the foundation for a sustainable future.

Phase 2:

Kick start Roadshow & Awareness campaign

December 2023 sees the initiation of our kick start Roadshow—a dynamic campaign to collect laptops. We traverse communities, engaging with individuals and organizations, encouraging them to contribute to our cause by donating old laptops.

Phase 3:

Building on the Success of Our 2023 Campaign: A Vision for 2024

Following the successful collection of over 100 laptops in our inaugural campaign in 2023, our focus in 2024 is on expanding impact and fostering sustainable practices. This year is dedicated to cultivating widespread awareness and implementing pilot training programs.

Through strategically designed campaigns, we aspire to enlighten communities about the profound environmental implications of e-waste. Simultaneously, our pilot training initiatives are crafted to empower educators, learners, and SMEs, guiding them toward sustainable utilization of digital resources.


This initiative is Proudly supported by the US Embassy Mauritius.


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Joining us online:
Angela Szegedi Channel Community Manager EMEA, ChromeOS Google, Oli Trussell Solutions Engineer, Google for Education EMEA, Nick Treurnicht Senior Customer Engineer DigiCloud Google Distributor, Candice Erasmus Education | Change Management & Training Lead DigiCloud Google Distributor, Bwalya Mwali Founder – AfricanTales initiative, Mckevin Ayaba
Setup A Startup / Africa Startup Ecosystem Builders Summit and Awards (ASEB)

Capturing Moments of Sustainable Transformation: Reuse Revamp Launching in Pictures

Working with Reuse Revamp has not only been environmentally conscious but also incredibly rewarding for my business. By crafting laptop bags from eco-friendly materials, I've tapped into a new market that values sustainability and style. This partnership has not only reduced electronic waste but also opened up exciting opportunities for my business to thrive in a greener future.

Noellette CécileFounder / Director / Artist Crocheter - Noellette Kreasion

As a startup ecosystem builder in Africa, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of initiatives like Reuse Revamp. Their dedication to reducing e-waste and extending the life of laptops aligns perfectly with our mission to empower startups within the African community. Through this collaboration, we're not only reducing our environmental footprint but also creating opportunities for startups to flourish in a sustainable digital landscape.

Mckevin AyabaSetup A Startup / Africa Startup Ecosystem Builders Summit and Awards (ASEB)

The digitization of African oral history is a monumental endeavor, and Reuse Revamp has been an invaluable partner in this mission. By providing refurbished laptops, they've enabled us to preserve and share our rich cultural heritage with the world. This initiative doesn't just reduce electronic waste; it breathes new life into stories that might have otherwise been lost. Reuse Revamp's impact on our work is immeasurable, and it's creating opportunities for the voices of Africa to resonate across the globe.

Bwalya MwaliFounder of AfricanTales Initiative

Contribute to Reuse Revamp: Making a Positive Impact

Reduce E-waste

Reduce E-waste

Reduce E-waste

Reduce E-waste

Reduce E-waste

Extend Compute Life

Extend Compute Life

Extend Compute Life

Extend Compute Life

Extend Compute Life