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Our mission

We set forth on a mission to uncover the potential of refurbished laptops in accelerating e-learning, all the while championing an eco-friendly operating system. By breathing new life into older laptops, we pave the way for reduced e-waste and a cost-effective solution for educational institutions, families, and individuals who face the challenge of frequent device replacements.

“Reuse Revamp's mission to extend the life of laptops and reduce e-waste is both visionary and impactful. Their innovative approach is not only transforming technology but also empowering communities through sustainable education solutions.”

Mckevin AyabaSetup A Startup / Africa Startup Ecosystem Builders Summit and Awards (ASEB)

Our Vision

Empowering a sustainable future, ReUSE Revamp envisions a world where discarded technology is transformed into valuable tools for learning. Through innovation and commitment, we bridge the digital divide, reducing e-waste and fostering a more inclusive, environmentally-conscious society.