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ReuseRevamp is a flagship program of AfriEDX, a multi-award-winning EduTech company that utilizes emerging technologies to provide continuous training and tools for more contextualized teaching materials and active learning.

ReuseRevamp was established with the vision of creating a sustainable future for Africa through the promotion of a circular economy. By providing an accessible platform for donating and exchanging used electronics, we aim to reduce electronic waste and bridge the digital divide.

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Our platform connects individuals and organizations with the resources they need to participate in the digital economy and contribute to the Africa We Want.

At ReuseRevamp, we are dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability by encouraging the reuse and exchange of used electronics. By minimizing e-waste and maximizing resource efficiency, we contribute to a cleaner, greener future for Africa.

ReuseRevamp is committed to accelerating the adoption of the circular economy in Africa by providing an accessible platform for donating and exchanging used electronics. Our initiative empowers individuals and communities to engage in responsible consumption and production practices, contributing to a more sustainable future.


Our mission is to create a thriving, accessible circular economy that empowers individuals and communities across Africa by encouraging the reuse and exchange of used electronics. We strive to minimize electronic waste, support digital inclusion, and foster a sustainable future for the Africa We Want.


We envision a future where the circular economy is an integral part of daily life, driving social and economic development in Africa while preserving the environment. We aspire to become a leading platform for electronics reuse and exchange, empowering individuals, and promoting responsible
consumption and production practices.

To successfully achieve our mission and vision, ReuseRevamp collaborates with Setup A Startup, an organisation dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem development and building across Africa through various activities and programs.

Additionally, we partner with AfricanTales, an initiative focused on preserving and sharing African oral history and traditions, specifically folk tales, through a digital platform accessible to a global audience. AfricanTales aims to ensure the longevity and visibility of traditional African folk tales, establish partnerships with stakeholders, develop strategies for collecting and preserving oral stories and arts, foster national and international collaborations, conduct awareness activities, and organize an annual festival dedicated to African tales and arts. By promoting cultural understanding, empathy, intergenerational connections, and community development, AfricanTales utilizes digital platforms and affordable books to reach a wider audience and preserve African cultural heritage.

We are also open to collaborate with a diverse network of partners, including:

  • Government agencies – to align our initiatives with national policies and receive support for promoting the circular economy and digital inclusion in Africa.
  • Educational institutions – to raise awareness and engage students in the reuse and recycling of electronics, fostering a culture of environmental responsibility.
  • Technology companies – to provide technical expertise and support for refurbishing, recycling, and repurposing used electronics, ensuring that donated and exchanged items are functional and reliable.
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) – to expand our reach and engage local communities in the circular economy, driving grassroots change and empowerment.
  • Corporate partners – to promote responsible consumption and production practices within the business community, fostering a shared commitment to environmental sustainability.

By working together with our partners, ReuseRevamp will contribute to the growth of the circular economy, digital inclusion, and environmental sustainability across Africa.